Linux Based Tablet “Wishtel PrithV” Coming in December, Expected Price Rs 2,800

Wishtel PrithV manufactured by Mumbai based electronics manufacturer is coming in december with price tag of Rs. 2800, Wishtel well known for its Ira lineup of Android tablets is all set to launch a Linux based tablet .The company has developed a Linux based platform PrithV, which will be used for the tablet and net book PCs.



“Our objective as a technology and manufacturing company is to create affordable range of products that can contribute to society by extending education for free and without boundaries,” Wishtel CEO Milind Shah said in a statement.

The platform, developed jointly by Wishtel and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, supports 85 global languages which including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Urdu, Zulu and 23 Indian languages. It also comes loaded with educational suite to offer self learning software for pre-primary, tertiary and higher education, it said.

Wishtel PrithV will be loaded with educational suite to offer self learning software’s for pre-primary, tertiary, higher education for languages, science: physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geography, math: algebra, calculus, geometry, medicine, economics, computing and more.

PrithV has been designed to perform basic tasks like emails, web browsing, media and office applications. The company intends to offer their solutions to Universities and Schools worldwide and empower every student with a PC enabled knowledge.

Wishtel plans to expand the capacity of its manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra and Gujarat, while at the same time it will also increase its R&D investment, claimed a senior executive of the company in a report earlier.

“We intend to offer our solutions to universities and schools worldwide and empower every student with a PC enabling them to learn and educate themselves beyond textbooks, access and create their own knowledge,” Shah said.

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