Windows 8 tablets release date, specifications

Microsoft’s been pushing tablet computers for the best part of a decade, and Windows 8 tablets will be with us on the Windows 8 release date which is 26 October. And we can aspect Windows 8 tablets in a huge variety of them, ranging from simple slates to fully convertibfle ultraportable laptops.

Microsoft has made the Release Preview of Windows 8 available publicly ,Windows 8 is a crucial product for Microsoft financially, and it has also committed to larger touchscreen displays too – buying big-screen multitouch tech firm Perceptive Pixel.

Some features of Windows 8 tablets are as follows-

-Windows 8 can now run on ARM-based hardware As traditional x86-based AMD and Intel machines

– Windows 8 tablets will have a marvellous new interface that looks rather like Windows Phone 7, called Metro.

– WIndows 8 removes the now-familiar Aero Glass effect seen in Windows 7and Windows Vista and replaces it with a much plainer appearance on the desktop.

– Windows 8 tablets don’t have Start orb

– Windows 8 tablets will be thin and light

– Windows 8 tablets will have apps and an app store

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 supports a 10.1-inch tablet display with 291 pixels per inch resolution. The new iPad has 265 ppi. That probably means HD resolution tablet displays will be a standard feature of Windows 8 tablets.

Intel has also blogged about new sensors that will be inside Ultrabooks as well as Windows 8 tablets.

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