Acer plans Intel-based smartphone

Acer could join the ranks of a smartphone based on an Intel Atom chip like Motorola, Orange, Lenovo, Lava, and ZTE , according to reports appearing in the Asia-based media. A source familiar with Intel’s and Acer’s plans confirmed that there was a good likelihood that an Intel-based Acer phone would appear in Asia, though the timing is unclear.

Reports are saying, in effect, the same thing. “I think there is the chance [of seeing that happen],” Peter Shieh, an Acer vice president, told reporters when asked about the Intel-based phone, according to Taipei Times.

“Intel is a more familiar partner to us because we have been working together in the PC sector for a long time,” an Acer official said, speaking to The China Post.

Acer introduced six new smartphones in Taiwan this year, including the latest Acer CloudMobile S500, a 4.3-inch model based on a Qualcomm chip.

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