Send Unlimited Free SMS in India using F2S

According to a yearly report on how we use technology to be in touch with people, number of SMS will surpass the number of email sent by the year 2014. And the number of text messages sent yearly are in billions. Companies issues tariff plans for low cost SMS but why would you like to spend your hard earned money on the thing which you can get free. F2S is a service which lets you send unlimited free text SMS in India.

F2S is an Android application that send free SMS anywhere in India without any restriction, i.e. no charges and no SMS sending limit. All you need is your Android phone and an active Data Plan or Wi-fi. When a message is sent by another F2S user you will can instantly view it in notification bar.

F2S (Free2SMS) App Features:

  • Free SMS to anywhere in India
  • App uses way2sms, fullonsms, site2sms gateways to send messages.
  • Switch Gateways instantaneously with a mere touch
  • Uses Wi-fi or 3G/Edge/GPRS
  • Integrated into Contacts to send SMS directly using App.
  • Access Sent and Received messages in-app
  • Background processing of message sending
  • User-Friendly refined interface

How to Use F2S App:

To send free SMS using F2S you’ll need to register in any of the sites of your choice in or or from your Phone or Laptop/PC. You will receive a username and password from them save it. Now open the Free2sms app in your phone. Use the Account Settings button to go to setup page. Now select the site you wish to login. You can choose any number of them and use them. Provide your corresponding login details and save these settings.

Now open Compose from the main screen and enter contact name (automatically retrieved suggestions) or Pick One/Multiple Contacts. Select the desired gateway from the settings icon in the top right corner and enter message click Send, That’s it.

There are several other apps for free texting and we reviewed some of them in our previous articles. HeyWire, MightyText, eBuddy XMS are some of the best that you can trust. All of them has some pros and cons with as per texting needs they all works good.

F2S Free SMS India App Deep Details:

User Base: 500K+ users worldwide
File Size: 443KB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.1+ average user rating
Download Links: <F2S Free SMS India>

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