Perfect Uninstaller: A must have Tool

The “Perfect Uninstaller” is a must have tool for everyone who have android gadgets .

“Perfect Uninstaller” is a professional android system tool. It could help you to uninstall applications easily and effectively.

This is the best application for uninstalling any third party applications. It does exactly what it says and doesn’t leave any fragments of the application you are uninstalling like other uninstall applications do. The layout of “Perfect Uninstaller” is clear and easy to use. It performs uninstallation in two modes viz single uninstall mode in which we can uninstall single application and batch uninstall mode in which we can uninstall more than one applications at ones.


– Two uninstall mode : single uninstall and batch uninstall
– Convenient search function
– Six sort options :[Name A → Z] /[ Name Z → A] / [Size ↓] / [Size ↑] / [Install Date ↑]/ [Install Date ↓]
– Two Display mode :List(Details) and Grid(Concise)
– Long click to view app in PlayStore
– Long click to show app manage page
– User friendly UI
– Very easy use


The limitations of this application is that, This application can ONLY uninstall third-party apps. And
This application CAN NOT uninstall system apps.

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User Base: 10,000 – 50,000 users worldwide
File Size: 329k
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.6+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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