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GRE(Graduate Record Examination) is the mandatory exam to take admission for graduate in United Sates. GRE is mainly a English language examination that tests examinees command on English language to ensure his survival in United States. Painless GRE is an Android app that provides tens of new GRE level English words to increase your vocabulary.

Painless GRE app is designed to teach you GRE words in a painless and efficient way with spaced repetition. When you learn a specific word you can manually mark that as ‘mastered’ by long tapping on it in the word list. A mastered word will still show up in rare occasions.

Painless GRE App Features:

  • Most common GRE words with examples
  • Variety of exercises (word->definition, definition->word, sentence completion, etc.)
  • Traditional word cards
  • Word list supporting searches by titles and definitions
  • Keeping track of learning progress

There is a complaint about the app is that it repeats same words after a time and didn’t help users. The argument about this by the author of the app is that repeating words are more likely to be learned, so it repeats them. If you learnt a word then you can assign a mastered tag with it, then it will no longer appear on your list. This app is still in development and if you spot typos/mistakes, don’t hesitate to let the developer know.

Painless GRE App Deep Details:

User Base: 50K+ users worldwide
File Size: 620KB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.7+ average user rating
Download Links: <Painless GRE Android App>

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