Kids’n Books: Enjoy Fairy Tales & Old Stories on Your Phone

Our childhood spent in listening stories, fairy tales, epics and sagas from grand parents. Nursery class education is also focused on these stories, they entertain us, teach us big lessons of life in very simple way. Now you grew up but missed those golden old days. But don’t worry, technology always please you and hence an Android app is here to entertain you.

Kids’n Books is an Android app that has many great stories with music, animation and a lot of tapping. App comes with two free stories Three Little Pigs, First words for kids and a marketplace to download more fairy tales. So fairy tales and old time stories along with original songs, animation on the screen of your phone. App has some attractive features like “read to me” mode to draw children’s(and children like you) attention to read them again and again.

Apps must read stories section is hand picked for both adults and kids to make them more happy. App developer claims that all the stories are in high quality and genuine in nature.They are created with the finest teaching materials, narrations, BGM and illustration. All recorded BGM materials are tuned professionally to maximize quality. Kids hates reading but they some stories, animations and video stories presented in interesting way. Kids’n Books app will let them glued into reading, tapping and finding hidden characters every time they read.

Read to Me mode read the script shown on screen by itself so you can sit back and enjoy every part of it. Developer promises to add new songs every month and release new stories from around the world. Some of the best stories are as follows.

Fairy tales from the West:

  1. Three little pigs
  2. The little mermaid (Andersen)
  3. Cinderella (Grimm)
  4. Snow White (Grimm)
  5. Jack and the beanstalk
  6. King Midas has donkey ears
  7. The boy who cried wolf (Aesop)
  8. The little match-seller (Andersen)
  9. The ant and the cricket (Isopp)
  10. Pinocchio

Fairy tales from the East:

  1. The peach boy
  2. Honest old man
  3. Aladdin
  4. The monkey and crab
  5. Urashima Taro
  6. Plump old man

We hope you enjoy this app with your kids and whole family.

Kids’n Books App Deep Details:

User Base: 40K+ users worldwide
File Size: 14MB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.3+ average user rating
Download Links: <Kids’n Books>

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