Import & Stream Media From USB on Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 (and few other phones)does not have an external flash drive. So you cannot import media, video, audio files and images from these Android phones. So what to do if you need to transfer files to a USD flash drive. Here come Nexus Media Importer as a rescue app. Nexus Media Importer allows you to import and stream music, video, photos and documents from a USB flash drive or SD card connected to your Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, or other Android 3.2+ devices with USB Host support.

Nexus Media Importer app is the only non-root solution for devices that do not provide native support for external flash storage. It is a pretty useful app but needs some hardware requirements:

1) An Android 3.2+ device. Examples include Google Nexus devices or the Motorola Xoom.
2) A USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable. Cost approximately $1 USD on Amazon), see screenshots for examples.
3) A USB Flash Drive or USB SD Card Reader and SD Card, see screenshots for examples.

How to Use Nexus Media Importer:

  • If you are using an SD card reader, put the card in the reader first.
  • Attach the OTG cable to the Nexus or other device
  • Attach your USB device to the OTG cable.
  • The application will launch automatically.
  • Select the file. The selected file’s path appears in the preview window.
  • Click the play icon to stream or the save (disk) icon
  • If save is successful, you can click the download notification to view it or see it in the Downloads app.

The best thing using this app is no need to Root your phone.

There are some limitations to use this app, like:

The USB drive/flash card must be formatted as FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS (currently no exFAT or extN support). FAT & NTFS are the most common formats for SD and USB Drives. This a media streamer and file copy utility. It requires third party software to view multimedia content and read documents. Many formats are supported directly by Android, but other are not. In particular, “MKV”, “AVI” and most doc. types require additional software. Read Only, you can not write to the attached device, only copy to the Android device.

Nexus Media Importer App Deep Details:

User Base: 50K+ users worldwide
File Size: MB
Prices: $2.99
User Ratings: 4.6+ average user rating
Download Links: <Nexus Media Importer>

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