How Well You Know Your Friends? Test Today

Friendship is the best gift from God to mankind. Do you have true friends and how well you know them? Friend Factor question/answer game helps you better know about your friend. Play it and uncover surprising new things about your friends.

Your friend said WHAT? Ask some uncommon and surprising question that you never even though. Would your friend rather be married to Batman or Iron Man? What would your brother do if he had the ability to read minds? Would your best friend ever go out with your ex? Guess how your friends would answer a variety of outlandish questions and see if you really know them.

Friend Factor Game Features:

  • GET 1000s of outrageous questions to test how well you know your friends (and how well they know you)
  • UNCOVER surprising things about people you thought you knew
  • WATCH THE RANKS and see who your top friends are
  • QUESTION PACKS with like Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Inside Jokes, and more let you play in different ways
  • MAJORITY RULES play against the world and see if you can guess what most people would say.

Friend Factor App Deep Details:

User Base: 10K+ users worldwide (New App)
File Size: 830 KB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 3.3+ average user rating
Download Links: <Friend Factor>

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