Get the Power of eBay in Your Hands

eBay is the best platform for buyers and sellers of various goods. To reach in the hands of smartphone users eBay launched an official app for Android and iOS platforms. The eBay app is a must-have app for both Buyers and Sellers that makes it easy to browse, shop, sell and manage their eBay activity whenever and wherever they want.

The eBay app brings your browsing, selling and purchasing experience to a next level. It helps you to quickly find the products you are looking for, place bids, buy products very easily. You can securely pay for the product from within the app. Yu can manage all your activities right from the app, get notified and reminder about new offers, deals and lot more. Here are some best features of the app.

Use keyword search to quickly find what you are looking for, browse through eBay’s extensive categories to discover items of interest, Scan a barcode to easily find and compare popular items, all from the app. If you want to further refine your search simply narrow down the search. View complete listing, compare prices and review item photos and details to make sure it’s what you want. If you liked a seller then mark him/her as favourite to make future deals more easier and quicker.

App also provide easy bidding, you can buy and pay for your items in the app. App has integrated PayPal system to securely pay for items you buy. App has brilliant design to make a list an easy task, all start-to-finish listing in just minutes. Seller can prefill details of popular items by scanning the barcode or selecting the item from the product catalog. Add and edit photos taken with your phone or import photos from your gallery. For shipment process you can add shipment tracking information to items using the barcode scanner.

You can comment and respond to seller using the app. It supports 5 languages like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish. So go and grab the app on your smartphone.

eBay Android App Deep Details:

User Base: 50M+ users worldwide
File Size: 4.2MB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.2+ average user rating
Download Links: <eBay for Android>

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