FuelLog – Car Management, Fuel Consumption & Maintenance App

Save money by tracking your fuel consumption, costs and maintenances. FuelLog Car Management Android app tracks fuel consumption, maintenances and costs. It can track and log your mileage, fuel consumption, maintenances, services and costs of your car or motorbike and know exactly how much your car costs. FuelLog calculates a lot of useful statistics like fuel consumption and economy (e.g. mpg or l/100km) of your car or other vehicle, total cost and mileage, average cost per distance or gas amount, average cost per month, year and driven distances, expenses and a lot more. Track all kind of costs and maintenances/services like for example monthly insurance, daily bridge toll, yearly taxes, services, car parts, parking costs, oil or tyre changes, and a lot more.

It is probably the first and only app in this category that supports also electric cars using kWh, CNG cars using kg or gge and other vehicles with an hour meter. Use the included calculator to calculate costs, used/needed fuel volumes and distances for your next trip or the daily way to work with your car, based on the automatically gathered statistical data. It supports multiple cars and it is usable in every country because it supports and converts Kilometre/Miles, Litres/Gallons(US)/Gallons(UK), mpg/l/100km defined individually per vehicle and every known currency.

FuelLog Car Management App Features:

  • Tracking fill-ups
  • Tracking maintenances, services, costs, expenses, cost entries unlimited for Pro Version
  • Multiple vehicles supported
  • A lot of useful statistics
  • 6 different Graphs, Unlimited Graphs in Pro version
  • Partial fill ups
  • Calculator
  • Units-per-vehicle
  • Total odometer reading or trip mileage input
  • Possibility to input fill up in different volume unit measurement (useful for UK people)
  • Export/Import and App2SD support.

Everything is managed in a nice-looking and very easy to use interface. The user interface is very easy to use, intuitive, clear and simple and informative, nice. Pro version is ad-free.

FuelLog – Car Management App Deep Details:

User Base: + users worldwide
File Size: MB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: + average user rating
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