Constitution of India Android App

Constitution of India is the world’s biggest written constitution. It has millions of words of documented text in 394 articles. An Android app named Constitution of India brings whole constitution of India in your palm and only a tap away.

This app has complete Constitution of India and Acts presented in a readable and searchable format. It is divided concisely into Parts, Chapters, Sub-Sections and containing the full unedited text of all the Articles. Also Contains 95 Amendments (till date), 12 Schedules and all Central Parliamentary Acts (Net). If you are a Law student then it is very helpful and handy for your studies.

App makes it easy to search everything in the Constitution with a search bar. There are some shortcut keys to make your reading more comfortable like, you can scroll through articles by Volume Keys. App always displays current path on the top.

Constitution of India App Features:

  • Full, unedited Article Content of all the 394 Articles.
  • Divided into Parts, Sections, Sub-Sections and Article Lists.
  • Searchable (Search Key) to search in Constitution or Central Parliament Acts. You can search by Article Content, Chapter Names, Part Names, Sub-Section Names and Article Names in Constitution Mode and Short Title, Act Number, Act Year, Act Objective, Full Act Text & Free Text
  • Display’s Current Path in every Screen and in every Article so that you know where you are.
  • 95 Amendments and their complete contents available
  • 12 Schedules from the constitution
  • Bookmarking favorite Articles
  • Search & Highlight in Amendments/Schedules. It also saves Previous Search State.
  • Navigate Indexes by Trackball/D-Pad
  • Scroll through Articles by Volume Keys
  • Tablet Screens Supported (Thanks to Abhitej Velore)
  • Neat Presentation in the form of Heading and Description in every Screen
  • Zoom by clicking on icons/Pinch zoom in Amendments and Central Acts Screens.
  • Text size can be increased/Decreased for Article Content.

App has very aesthetic reading experience. it helps Improve the Productivity of people who refer the Constitution regularly and is a good way to teach kid’s about the Constitution of India. App needs very low Memory Resources. If you want your friends to be informed about an Act you can share Article Title, Content or both through SMS, Email or any text related application.

Constitution of India App Deep Details:

User Base: 500K+ users worldwide
File Size: 1.5MB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.8+ average user rating
Download Links: <Constitution of India>

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