Save up to 95% on International Call & SMS by Using Magic Call

There are many internet tools available to make international phone call and SMS at a cheap rates. Today I found an Android app that can make international phone call and send texts up to 95% cheaper. The app ‘Magic Call’ for Android from let you make Phone call at lowest rates with best voice quality and reliability.

Users can make calls and send text from anywhere in the world including VoIP blocked areas in UAE, Oman, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Vietnam and even offices behind firewalls. There are no hidden charges. Magic Call app uses less bandwidth, hence significantly improving voice quality in low internet bandwidth areas. If you have a reliable internet connection then there is no need to shuffling prepaid calling cards or dialing endless access number.

The use of app is very simple. For making a phone call or sending a text SMS you have to launch Magic Call using the icon on your home screen. You can simply Dial Direct the International number even from your existing iPhone contact list. No need to worry about the poor connection and dropped calls as Magic Call is powered by, a global leader in International calling services since 2003.

Magic Call App Features:

  • Make and receive VoIP calls
  • Call from UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Oman and Receive Incoming Calls
  • Send international SMS at lowest rates
  • No Carrier minutes usage charges
  • It integrated contacts from the phone so that you can use Direct Contacts Dialing.
  • App store and manage favorites to make quick calls. It also logs recent calls, time, status log & SMS.
  • No access number is needed, no roaming and no connection fees.
  • App guarantees crystal clear audio quality.
  • Lowest International Rates

The all you need is Magic Call app installed on your Android phone and a connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and 4G, 3G, 2G\EDGE.

Magic Call App Deep Details:

User Base: 50K+ users worldwide
File Size: 430KB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.1+ average user rating
Download Links: <Magic Call>

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