Tracks: Social Way to Share Photos & Video Privately

Don’t want the boss to see that crazy night out? or want to keep the family pics, all in the family? Use Tracks for iPhone, it is a simple social way to share photos and videos privately. It is beautifully simple, extremely well designed and fun to use app. Capture photos and video from your iPhone camera and then add more than 10 built-in photos & video filters to give them a artistic look.

The latest version of tracks is faster and contains better custom camera. Make ‘Tracks’ to capture experiences and interests with friends, family, school buddies, colleagues and new people you meet.
Track the wild party, the family barbeque, favorite outfits, the weekend getaway, or anything else. Tracks app is a social way to share photos and videos. you can invite friends to add photos and videos to the your Track. It works even when you have no network connection.

Tracks App Features:

  • 10 in-built custom designed live photo and video filters
  • Share photo and videos privately in group
  • Super slick and seamless animations
  • Multi-shot feature take multiple pics and videos at once
  • Multi-select 20+ pics from camera roll
  • Manually adjust focus and exposure on photos
  • Interactive Track map
  • Add Facebook and Twitter friends to your Tracks
  • Geo-tagging of pics from camera roll
  • Visual newsfeed across all your Tracks
  • Search your Tracks

Tracks iOS App Deep Details:

User Base: 500K+ users worldwide
File Size: 10 MB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4+ average user rating
Download Links: Tracks for iOS

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