Tapatalk: Best Forum App For Android, iOS and BlackBerry

Forum sites are very helpful because they are build and managed by a community of same interest. People browse them to find solution of their problems. Forum sites are build on very hard coded, so they can be seen perfectly on web browsers not on small screen of smartphone. Tapatalk app has a solution to this problem. Tapatalk is the top forum app that allows you to connect to thousands of internet forums with ability to access private messages and upload images.

With Tapatalk app you get a fast, cost-efficient forum browsing experience using the app built-in data compression to save data and increase speed. Tapatalk works with all famous forum software like vBulletin, phpBB, IPBoard, Simple Machine Forums, xenForo, MyBB, Kunena and WBB forum system. Currently it covers almost 99% of forum systems worldwide.

Tapatalk App Features:

  • Super quick photo upload
  • Facebook Integration
  • Customizable signature
  • Save images posted in forum to your Photo Album
  • Multiple forum systems support means your single purchase will likely usable in more than one forum you frequent
  • Multiple Account Support – easily switch identity in the same forum!
  • Full screen image viewing support
  • Private Messaging support

Tapatalk has a tool that can be installed on forum sites. You will enjoy all of its features on your smartphone only if that forum has TapaTalk app installed. It’s free for forum owners to activate Tapatalk. Users will get a better browsing experience on their iPhones than using Safari could offer. It has proven to be a valuable tool for the members of thousands of forums and they access the site from anywhere at anytime. Members love the ease of use and the full integration with the forums that Tapatalk offers them when they access the site from their iPhones and Android.

Tapatalk Forum App Deep Details:

User Base: 400K+ users worldwide
File Size: 4.2 MB for Android & 9.6 MB for iOS
Prices: $2.99
User Ratings: 4.5+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android | iOS | BlackBerry

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