SportyPal Fitness App Helps You to Keep in Shape

SportyPal is a complete training tool for keeping track of your running, cycling, skiing or workouts from any type. It helps you improve your health & fitness condition and maintain your form & figure by using your phone. App has free version with basic features and pro version with some advanced features. App gives a map view and tracking during the whole workout

SportyPal app provides basic/advanced data such as elapsed distance, time, current speed and average speed; pace and average pace; monitor your heart rate; calories burned; altitude change and climbing. App has “Auto-start option” that automatically starts a count-down timer for the workout as soon as the GPS lock is established. It also has a “Auto-pause option”, that will automatically pause your workout when you stop moving for a while, and will automatically resume when you start moving again. You can share your workouts with friends on Facebook & Twitter.

SportyPal PRO App Features:

  • Create and save TRACKS from any of your existing workouts or draw tracks on your own. Create–>download on the phone–>use them.
  • Set a GOAL on distance, duration or calories burned on your workouts.
  • ANT+, Zephyr HxM, Polar WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth support. Connect your Heart rate device to SportyPal PRO and check your heart activity information on your phone in real-time.
  • Synchronize your phone with the web account, upload/download workouts on the web/phone.
  • Automatic synchronization of your Plan from your web account and updating if there is any new workout completed.
  • Draws elegant graphics charts of your performance.
  • Listen music or perform calls without disturbing your workout.
  • Sony Ericsson LiveView™ support.
  • Configurable Voice notifications. Real time voice feedback for your distance & time.

The completed workouts can be uploaded to website. The web application provides additional functionalities and more in-deep analyzed data from the collected performances. User’s can connect with other Sporty Pals, create new challenges, find desired tracks from the SP community, comment on their performance or organize virtual competitions.

SportyPal App Deep Details:

User Base: 1 Million+ users worldwide
File Size: 4.6 MB for Android & 11.4 MB for iOS
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.4+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android | iOS | BlackBerry | Windows Phone | Java

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