Send Free SMS From Your Computer

Ever wonder sending SMS from your computer and receives incoming messages as they come on your Android phone. MightyText brings sending and receiving text messages from your computer (both PC and Mac) plus all the SMS’s are synchronized with your Android phone.

With MightyText’s SMS from Computer app, you can send/receive texts on your Android device as you normally would. This is a 100% free application and won’t charge anything from you, the only charges apply is your carrier charge but if you have unlimited texting plans than its 100% free in all manners. App can also synchronize your android phone SMS, it costs some money but if you have unlimited texting plan than SMS Sync is free.

MightyText – SMS From Computer App Features:

  • Send SMS text messages from your computer
  • Receive SMS text messages immediately as they come in on your Android device
  • Sync SMS text messages from your Android phone to your computer
  • SMS Backup and Free SMS Sync
  • Uses your EXISTING Phone Number on your Android phone.

The all you need to work this app is an Android phone with v 2.2+ with a working mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. To send and receive SMS you must enable Background Data on your phone.

First install desktop software application from vendors website or Install MightyText Chrome Extension on computer and then install it on your Android phone, you must choose which Google account to use. Make sure that you use the same Google account on the Android as you do on the computer. Then launch MightyText Chrome Extension and login to Google Account. That’s it, now you can send free SMS and Remote SMS from computer

MightyText also provides free SMS backup solution since they automatically store your text messages for you. MightyText is different other texting and chat clients because it syncs with your SMS & Text Messaging app on your phone.

SMS From Computer App Deep Details:

User Base: 400K+ users worldwide
File Size: 304 KB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.5+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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