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When we browser the World Wide Web or internet, we finds some very useful webpages. It may be a tutorial, recipes, blog post, travel guide or something else. But because of our busy schedule and less time to spent on internet we just can’t read every thing at a time. So if there would be a tool that saves those important and interesting webpages then life will go litter smother. Spool handles video, image galleries, slide shows, PDFs, long articles, and blogs that you encounter and want to enjoy when you have time.

Spool is an Android and iOS application that saves webpages for later reading. You can simply add content to a mobile reading list, save articles, watch video from all over the web online or offline, whenever you want. With one touch, send articles and videos you want to view later to your phone from your computer, via email, from your DropBox. Spool allows you to save content for personal viewing even offline, while also sharing the content you love with the Spool community.

Spool’s Android & iPhone App Features:

  • Add content to your Spool list from your phone, computer, or through an email. Spool has stand alone application for your computer, smart phone and web.
  • Spool ingrates social media features, so you can discover content other people are Spooling. Read it in the feed and save a mobile copy for yourself by Re-Spooling it
  • Read articles and watch video in a clutter free interface, and make it available offline with one click.
  • Keep your Spool list synchronized across all of your devices to read anywhere, anytime
  • Optimize most web pages for the iPhone screen by resizing text/images and converting video
  • Airplay Video Support, easily watch Spooled videos on your Apple TV or other Airplay enabled devices
  • Share content you love with your Spool followers to help others discover great content for their Spool

Best of all, Spool offers social media integration so you can see what other people are Spooling. Follow anyone on Spool to discover the articles and videos they’ve saved, and save a copy for yourself. If you want to send content from your browser to your phone, install your browser plug-in from spool tools website.

Spool does a pretty job for saving web pages, images and videos for later viewing but it doesn’t save YouTube content for offline viewing to your phone. You will see YouTube content embedded in a recording, but you will need a WiFi or data connection to be able to play the video.

Spool App Deep Details:

User Base: 400K+ users worldwide
File Size: 3.8 MB for Android & 7.8 MB for iOS
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.4+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android | iOS

Video Preview:

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