Never Feel Cheated Because of Rigged Cab Meter, Calculate Fare Using FarePlus Android App

Are you going for vacation to a never-seen place. For a new place you never know local cab/auto fare so the chances to get cheated by cab driver are high. Frequent fare revisions, news articles on the need for electronic meters, and numerous instances of traveling in cabs and autos with rigged meters led to the foundation of an cab fare calculation app, i.e. FarePlus . The question at the beginning was with so much of technology around, what could have been done to solve this problem? How do we apply the available technology to solve such a problem and do we make it most usable and practical?

FarePlus is a mobile app that enables GPS-based auto/cab fare calculation. The application aims to solve the problem of frequent travellers who often feel cheated because of rigged meters or frequently changing local travel fares. Bearing all these factors in mind, and keeping the varied age-groups of commuters, we have tried to keep FarePlus as simple and as user friendly as possible.

FarePlus app is a smart indeed. It detects you location using your phone’s GPS and gets you the most updated fares for that region. It also gives you an overall summary of your journey including the starting and end points. With 2 vehicle modes and 2 time modes, this is a must have for every traveller.

FarePlus App Deep Details:

User Base: New App
File Size: 625 KB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.9+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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