Financisto: An Open-Source Personal Finance Manager

Everyone should know about manage their expenses and financial data. By managing earnings and expenses one should be safe from debits and late bill penalties. There are several apps for Android to manage personal finance like Bloomberg, Easy money, Expense Manager, Mint, Wikinvest and lot more. Financisto is another open-source personal finance manager to solve all your finance management related needs.

Financisto App Features:

  • Open-source and free personal finance manager.
  • Manage multiple accounts from a single app installation. It also supports multiple currencies.
  • Home currency and exchange rates
  • Transfers with downloadable rates
  • Scheduled & recurring transactions and bill payment.
  • Split transactions
  • Hierarchical categories with custom attributes
  • Recurring budgets
  • Project, payees and locations
  • Filtering and reporting
  • Cloud backup over DropBox and Google Docs or Google Drive. For your data security data did automatic daily backups.
  • Import and export data in QIF/CSV file formats.

This app requires different permission to work properly. Internet access permissions are required for automatic error reporting (can be switched off in the preferences); for downloading currency rates in multi-currency transfer; to do online backup to DropBox and Google Docs; also required by Google Maps component to edit/view locations. It also require location sharing permission to stamp current location on a transactions and camera to attach pictures to transactions.

App also gives you extensible features and settings. If you didn’t find your currency then you can add any currency manually by going to Menu -> Entities -> Currencies –> [+]. You can also delete account/transaction/balance by long tap on an item in the list to bring up popup menu

Financisto App Deep Details:

User Base: 500K+ users worldwide
File Size: 2.3 MB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.7+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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