Facedroid: Best Way to Access Facebook on Android Tablet

There are so many Facebook and other social media application for Android phones but a few were specially designed for tablets. Facedroid is an easy, intuitive and fun application designed specifically for Android tablets. Facedroid takes full advantage of this powerful mobile phone operating system and the larger screen sizes and includes real-time chat.

Facedroid is considered as better than the official Facebook for android app. It is running superbly on almost all Android tablet irrespective of screen size, Android version and manufacturer. Some users say it is more batter then FriendCaster app. You get the full Facebook experience without the app needing to open Facebook in browser to message or anything. Facedroid brings all the functionality you enjoy on the Facebook website & delivers it to your Android tablet in a way which makes it easy to share & browse everything you enjoy on Facebook.

Facedroid App Features:

  • Access your Facebook news feed & friends list at a glance
  • View your Facebook profile & your friends’ Facebook profiles
  • Share other people’s Facebook posts (i.e. videos, photos, links)
  • Share your Facebook status updates
  • Comment, like & tag photo
  • Write on your friends’ walls
  • Chat in real-time
  • Friends list with VIP friends at the top (long-press a friend to add them as a VIP) then Online friends also displayed
  • Widget allows super fast voice updates to your Profile or Pages you Admin.
  • Pages: View Facebook Pages and post from Pages for which you are an Admin
  • Places: Check-in to places, see where friends checked-in etc.
  • Send & receive messages
  • Search/browse your list of friends and check out their info, wall, photos and videos
  • See who’s birthday it is & write on their wall
  • View and respond to friend requests & event invitations
  • Long-press photos to save to device
  • Long-press posts to delete (only posts made in Facedroid)

Facedroid app development is on its way. We may see some more advanced features in next app version update, like Groups(view & have discussions with others in your groups), Multiple account support, Turn notifications on/off, Mute annoying posts (like games), Photo pinch to zoom, Pull to refresh, Settings section for greater control over notifications and other exciting additions to make Facedroid even more social.

Facedroid App Deep Details:

User Base: 10K+ users worldwide
File Size: 2.2 MB
Prices: $1.99
User Ratings: 3.8+ average user rating
Download Links: Facedroid for Android Tablets

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