eBuddy Messenger: Always Stay Connected With Friends & Family

Are you getting bored of opening all the instant messengers to chat with your friends. Open and run all instant messengers consumes processor and memory resources and hence slows down your PC or smartphone. If you run individual IM’s they they also use more data than running all of them within a single app.

eBuddy Messenger is an Android, iOS and Java instant messenger for your phone. With eBuddy Messenger you can chat with all of your friends from MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, MySpace & Hyves accounts. No need to run individual messengers, only run eBuddy. To work properly on eBuddy you need to add your social networks and chat applications. To add a service tap on the add account and provide login details to get authorized.

eBuddy Messenger App Features:

  • Simultaneously chat or IM with your friends on MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, Gtalk, ICQ, AIM and Hyves
  • eBuddy runs in the background, so you are always online and ready to chat! Never miss a message again
  • A chat / IM message will be sent as data over the Internet, not as a SMS or text message. So, chatting with your friends is free
  • Full featured: set your avatar, send and receive emoticons, group your contacts and swipe through your chat screens.

You can chat everywhere with eBuddy Messenger. Download and install eBuddy Messenger on your phone and stay always connected with all your friends and family.

eBuddy Messenger App Deep Details:

User Base: 150 Million+ users worldwide
File Size: 1.7 MB for Android & MB for iOS
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android | iOS | Other Mobile

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