Add Image or Text Watermark to Images on Android

The cyber world is full of pirated stuff. I agree that internet should be uncensored and free to post content but stealing others idea is not a good thing. You can’t stop people from posting your creativity on the web but still you can sign the images with a copyright note.

Add Watermark is an Android application that adds a text/image watermark on your images. So you can quickly put your property text or a logo image into your picture, set parameters like size, transparency, rotation, alignment etc., then save the result and share it.

To add watermark direct from Gallery press Menu button and choose “Share” > Add Watermark. To share a picture to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. simply select action “Share” in “Save Dialog”.

Add Watermark App Features:

  • Taking pictures with camera
  • Quick share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.
  • Fonts, color and other effects in text mode
  • Adding of timestamp or filename as text watermark
  • Processing of multiple images in batch mode
  • Launching from Share menu
  • Auto orientation of loaded image on EXIF orientation tag
  • Saving target as .jpg or .png
  • Support of transparent .png images as watermark
  • Rename and resize by saving
  • History of recent saved images
  • App2SD (move app to external SD card)

Free version of Add Watermark has some limitations like text-watermarks are being saved without effects, own image-watermarks are disabled. You can save images only as .jpg and downsized to 800 px on the long side. Once you save changes to the pic you can’t change actions again. There is no auto mode by launching from Share menu, no batch mode.

Add Watermark App Deep Details:

User Base: 50K+ users worldwide
File Size: 1.1 MB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.4+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

Video Preview:

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