Zombies Are Invading Your Zombie Lane, Now it’s Your Turn to Fight Back

Do you want to clean up and rebuilt everything that zombie has left after ruining. Zombies Lane, developed by Digital Chocolate, is among the most played games on Facebook. This game is now available to play on Android phone. It is a zombie apocalypse where Zombies are invading your Zombie Lane. Now it is up to you to fight back.

Zombie Lane is a fun original game designed for Android and is separate from the Facebook game. Android game ha fight nasty, fun-loving yet persistent zombies. Create your town and stay it safe from Zombies. Your mission is to take back control of your neighbourhood from the zombies. To protect them you have powers to shoot and smack them with a shovel. Collect necessary equipment to restore your home and try to get your spouse and your dog safely back home.

Zombie Lane Game Features:

  • Hours of Gameplay: complete 100+ quests and help the Rent-a-Cop Rob restore peace to your neighbourhood.
  • Kill Zombies in style: Equip a variety of weapons including shotgun, shovel, machine gun, katana.
  • Craft weapons of your choice: gather material to craft super weapons such as flamethrowers, shrapnel-bombs.
  • Feel rewarded: with achievements and items as you take down zombies
  • Customize yourself: dress up your character from head-to-toe
  • Follow the storyline: rebuild the house to get your spouse and dog home safely.

After playing this game as an expert and completing missions to a next level, new characters, zombies and areas will appears. Build fences around the house to protect against zombie attacks. Plant crops for food and energy to prep you for a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Lane App Deep Details:

User Base: 50K+ users worldwide
File Size: 30 MB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.5+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

Video Preview:

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