TouchDown: Corporate Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks on Android

TouchDown enables you to get your Corporate Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks on your Android devices. Use simple steps to connect to your Exchange Server to get Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks with TouchDown. TouchDown provides most complete Exchange sync.

NitroDesk Inc. has been building and improving TouchDown since October 2008. We have improved the product through hundreds of internal versions, to bring you the best and most downloaded Email solution for Android.

Comprehensive: Support for most number of data types (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks) and Notes and SMS syncing for Exchange 2010 servers.
Customizable: Dozens of options to make the app behave just the way you want. Custom notifications, speech notifications, viewing tweaks, pinch-to-zoom, peak times and many more.

Most Secure: TouchDown supports exchange activesync policies such as PIN, Remote Wipe, Data encryption and Storage card encryption of corporate data. Hundreds of organizations trust TouchDown to ensure security, privacy and confidentiality of their data. Discerning organizations mandage the use of TouchDown to ensure high usability along with security.

Corporate Data Separation: TouchDown keeps your corporate data separate from your personal data. Without TouchDown, your employer can actually flatten your phone to factory defaults. With TouchDown, they can only remove corporate data belonging to them, leaving behind your personal information.

S/MIME: TouchDown is the only android solution so far that supports sending and receiving S/MIME signed and encrypted emails. S/MIME signing and encryption ensures that your emails are not tampered with, and can ensure that emails you send can be ensured to be visible only to the intended recipient.

Manageable: TouchDown integrates with most popular Mobile Device Management solutions in the market today, increasing the chances that your phone can play well with your IT organization’s security policies.

TouchDown For Smartphone App Features:

  • Import contact numbers from incoming SMS(Hence the need for SMS read permission: reads ONLY incoming number, and no other details – unless you are syncing SMS to the server)
  • Blue Theme
  • Forms Support
  • Support for S/MIME keys from EchoWorx
  • Support for additional MDMs (see for full list)
  • Filter when choosing folders
  • Easy Junk button if your account has “Junk E-Mail” folder
  • Quick Buttons when multiselecting
  • Calendaring Fixes
  • Optimizations for users downloading “All” emails
  • Support for Office365
  • Battery life optimization
  • SD card support : Move your data to the SD card if necessary
  • Widgets : Email, Tasks, Calendar, Universal Widgets make it easy for you to see your status at a glance. Support for third party widgets give you a wide range of choice

Exchange by TpuchDown App Deep Details:

User Base: 500K+ users worldwide
File Size: 40KB for Android
Prices: Premium for $19.99
User Ratings: 4.5+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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