Speed Up Rooted Android Phone With AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

Do you have a rooted Android smartphone with slow performance? Rooting enables some great features to your phone that an unrooted can’t. But rooted phone also have general problem of Android operating system like with time it also degraded in terms of performance. There is an app to speed up rooted phones, Auto Killer Memory Optimizer.

With Auto killer Memory Optimizer app you can speed up your rooted phone and get decent battery life. It helps you to optimizer speeds up your rooted device. It is not a regular task manager, it is an award winner minfree tweaker, it fine tunes android systems inner memory manager to keep your device fast over time. As a side effect it also lowers battery consumption. App also includes a manual process/service manager.

This app also has a premium version with some additional facilities. The pro app has no ads to display, alternate preset enabled, Chuck Norris mode enabled and alternate preset (while screen is off) mode. This is a very powerful application and can control your phone so always download it from Google Play only.

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer App Deep Details:

User Base: 4 million+ users worldwide
File Size: Varies with Android devices
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.5+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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