Motors App : Application for finding Used cars online

The term App has slipped into our vocabulary in recent years due to the need to have the internets vast resources packaged into practical applications, to be ready for usage in an instant, and if designed correctly, the App can revolutionise some outdated aspects of our worldly business practices. One such instance of this is the motors App available courtesy of
The motors App is set to become a force in the second hand cars market due to the fact that it represents an industry that has been transformed by the internet. Searching for a second hand car used to be a laborious process, trailing from one dealership to the next, at the mercy of pushy salesmen.

With the motors App you can cut out a large part of the search by pinpointing the exact type of used car you want by using the motors App search engine and database, and then making a shortlist of examples you may wish to visit within the parameters of your specified local radius.

The motors App has at its disposal the second largest used cars classified network in the UK with over 150,000 cars from a range of sellers including private deals, small dealerships, large dealerships and car supermarkets.
The motors App is effectively a vast virtual forecourt where it’s easy to filter and pinpoint your perfect used car match by inputting a few criteria into the search fields. Most buyers will focus on price, make and model but you can also specify colour and body type.

You can make a shortlist of all your favourite finds and you can view previous searches to recall any vehicles that may have taken your fancy.
The cars that feature on the App are somewhat unique in the fact that the sites creator – – is the only resource that runs a basic history check on 9 out of 10 of its motors, highlighting if the car has ever been written off or even stolen. This constitutes a free basic data check which immediately saves you money.

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