Locale: a Location Aware Artificial Intelligence For Android

Locale is an artificial intelligence application for Android. Locale’s advanced artificial intelligence manages settings automatically. Locale uses your phones geo-positioning system and configures settings according to your position. For example: Arrive at work and instantly your ringer silences, your wallpaper snaps to that scenic Caribbean photo, and Wi-Fi switches on. With Locale, never worry about your ringer going off accidentally again. Once you experience Locale’s power and convenience, you’ll never want to be without it. Simply set it and forget it.

To use Locale features you need to setup settings for different geo-locations. To create a geofence location, drag and drop the pin on the map, resize the radius using your finger, and Locale does the rest. Locale leverages ground-breaking artificial intelligence geofencing algorithms to combine accelerometer, cell, Wi-Fi, GPS, and other signals for instant location detection.

Plug-in Support:
Locale has a robust support to plug-ins for different tasks and now over 300 Locale plug-ins exist on Google Play. Locale manages more than your ringer. Along with built-in conditions (Battery, Caller, Location, Orientation, Time) and built-in settings (Bluetooth, Display Brightness, Display Timeout, Ringtone, Volume, Media Volume (Android 3.0+), Shortcut (Android 3.0+), Wallpaper, Wi-Fi), Locale expands with an advanced plug-in architecture.

Let us take an example to manage other applications with Locale. Imagine increasing your productivity by combining Locale with Astrid, an amazing task and to-do management app, for location-aware reminders.

The best part? No huge battery drains because Locale typically uses 3% or less of the battery. During our extensive testing across twenty popular Android devices, we found the battery lasts several days with Locale running. More than that Locale gives you the idea that you have an intelligent phone that configures itself depending on where you are.

Locale App Deep Details:

User Base: 70K+ users worldwide
File Size: Varies with Android devices
Prices: Paid app for $4.99
User Ratings: 3.9+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

Video Preview:

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