HoneyGram: Intelligent InstaGram Image Browser For Android

InstaGram is one of the best and most users image sharing software application. Last week InstaGram developers releases an official app for Android users. InstaGram has hundreds of millions of user base and have millions of images uploaded on site. Its very difficult to browse images on you like on InstaGram default app. So here is a solution to this in the form of HoneyFram app.

HoneyGram is an image browser for the popular image sharing service InstaGram. This app is created for Honeycomb, GoogleTV and Ice Cream Sandwich platforms. It allows all users to view popular images, browse images nearby, do tag searches, view images through an interactive multi-touch interface, and embed a “popular” pictures widget on your dashboard.

To use full features of this app you need to login to your InstaGram account. Authenticating allows you to view your images, your feed, view other user’s images, follow/unfollow users, view more results for tag searches, and add 3 more types of widgets to your dashboard. To view any photo strip with this interface just press the “interactive” button. Once the images load you can manipulate the images with multi-touch. These are some basic app usage directions:
Single Touch: move an image around
Two Touches: rotate the image (hold down with one finger and move the other finger to rotate)
Three Touches: bring image to the top of the screen
Four Touches: Hide Image
Five Touches: Show all hidden images

You can save your creations by pressing the Save button in the upper right. This will let you save your work to the image gallery as well as share it through social networking applications on your device.

HoneyGram App Deep Details:

User Base: Thosands+ users worldwide
File Size: 306 KB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.5+ average user rating
Download Links: HoneyGram

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