Get Windows Phone 7 UI on Android Phone

Windows Phone 7 has a beautiful and unique user interface. Some people really like the way their phone works on Windows Phone 7 platform. Now you can experience that beauty of Windows Phone 7 with the openness of Android. Windows Phone 7 User Interface is an app that tweaks Android interface to look exactly like Windows Phone 7.

This is just not only the app but a full official user interface library used by applications that are part of the Seven+ Project. This Windows Phone UI app is actually not a regular app but demonstration of a library that allow developers to build applications for Android with the Windows Phone 7/ Metro User Interface.

Why support this project?

If you would like to see the Windows Phone 7 User Interface on Android, if you are just not satisfied with Android’s current User Interface, or you just like helping others. This is a one man show, and by purchasing this application you are showing your support. In near future you will be able to see some apps support this user interface and also many improvements.

This app gives a whole idea of Windows Phone 7 on your Android powered device. Try to purchase this application to give your valuable support for the development.

Windows Phone 7 UI App Deep Details:

User Base: 70K+ users worldwide
File Size: 195KB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.1+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android



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