Feed Your Dino! FREE

Feed Your Dino is a very adductive game, that will kill your time and drains your battery. this game is like Cut the Rope , in this game you have try to get all the stars and same time you have to feed “Ino” to move ahead level by level.Slice and cut the ropes and get all stars, and don’t forget to feed Ino.

To do this you have to precisely slice and cut the rope, at the right time. This is a creative and fun game keeping in mind all ages and genders This game will make you think and have fun at the same time when you slice and cut the rope. This game is free, more boxes will be introduce with some Ino’s friends along in the levels.In latest update 70 new awesome has been added.


Enjoy all the boxes and all levels within them. Each box includes distinctive parts and elements for you to enjoy.There are currently 3 boxes and a fourth one coming soon!


User Base: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 users worldwide
File Size: 12 MB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 3.5+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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