Extreme Call Blocker Invisible: Block All Unwanted Calls & Secure Private Messages

Are you getting frustrated with all those marketing calls and others unwanted calls from a person? Android default system is not good enough to manage and block unwanted calls. But, you are lucky, as Extreme Call Blocker app has all the features of a good call blocker/handler features. With this app you can block all unwanted calls, secure private text messages and ensure privacy.

Extreme Call Blocker Invisible app has invisible icons so that no one other than you can see your call blocked list. To open the app after setup the password, dial the password from your phone’s dialer pad as if you are calling a phone number, press send, wait 4 seconds, then press hangup, the app will open if password matches. Or you can just press on the blank spot at the beginning of your app list to open if you haven’t set a password.

Extreme Call Blocker App Features:

This is the best selling call blocking/filtering app on the Android market, a complete privacy tool for your calls and SMS. Here are full features of this app.
– Erase blocked calls from phone’s call log
– Blocker status notification or blocking event notification
– Auto text message reply to blocked calls/sms
– Option to block all calls.
– Allow white list numbers to sound the ring even when the phone is muted, never miss an important call again.
– Support mass pick from contact for profiles, add all numbers you need to add to a profile with one click.
– Supports backup/restore through Dropbox cloud service.

Three ways to block calls:

  • Answer-and-hangup
  • Send to voice mail
  • Mute call, caller will hear the normal ring and then voice mail.

Block MMS: With this advanced blocker app you can erased MMS before received. There are three ways to block SMS (Text only message).

  • Blocked and erased
  • Blocked and saved in the blocking history
  • Blocked and hide in the private SMS box

Private SMS Box: App has a build-in private SMS box using that you can hide private SMS messages. For message notification, so audio will be used but LED notificatioon works. For distinguishing private SMS’s and other notification you can choose LED colour.

Private Listed numbers: Calls to/from private listed numbers will automatically be erased from phone’s call log, and logged in the private SMS box. App also has a auto time out to close the mail box. Shake phone to close the mail box against sneak up people.
– Invisible new message widget only shows up when there is new private message.
– Mail box auto closed when phone screen turns off.
– Message sent from other sms app will be moved to private mail box automatically.

4 ways to customize blocking:

  • Black list: Add individual numbers to be blocked, each number can be blocked in different ways, and you can add timers to each number. Also block UNKNOWN, PRIVATE or other restricted numbers, and option to block all numbers not in contact book.
  • Blocking profile: setup blocking profiles, in each profile setup sms blocking and call blocking options, choose to block at any time or on calendar schedule, add numbers to the profile to be blocked. Support wildcard matching of phone numbers, can easily block all numbers from an area code , or 800, 877, etc.
  • Contact Groups Blocking: block all numbers in a contact group, support any time blocking or on calendar schedule.
  • White list: setup no-blocking list for calls you don’t want to miss.

Extreme Call Blocker Invisible App Deep Details:

User Base: 10K+ users worldwide
File Size: Varies with devices
Prices: $5.99
User Ratings: 4.5+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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