Easy Browser: One of the Most Easy & Fast Android Browser

Android mobile operating system has inbuilt web browser which has some everyday use features. But it lacks some advanced features and it is slow. People prefer to user Opera Mini browser or Dolphin HD on their Android phone. Both of them are capable and feature rich but are bulky. Here is an alternate solution without compromising to feature. Easy Browser is one of the most small, very fast, powerful, simple and easy to use browser on Android.

Easy Browser is smaller than Opera mini Browser and Skyfire Browser, faster than UC Browser and Maxthon Browser, simple than Dolphin Browser and Boat Browser, easy than Nine Sky Browser and Tencent QQ browser. You can try whether it is more powerful than Firefox Browser.

Easy Browser make some customizations to famous websites. It works well with Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, twitter, Baidu, Tencent QQ, Wikipedia, Gmail, Google map, yahoo, Bing, Linkedin, wordpress, discuz and the official website of many famous app/games such as Instagram, Angry Birds, Draw Something, Fruit Ninja and so on. As for YouTube, if your native browser support flash, then Easy Browser also support, otherwise not.

Easy Browser can download almost all the link, mp3 and images in the web page you opened. It use 3rd party File Manager(such as ASTRO File Manager) to manage downloaded files. But it is better to install ES File Explorer for downloaded file management.

Easy Browser App Deep Details:

User Base: 80K+ users worldwide
File Size: 150KB
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.2+ average user rating
Download Links: Easy Browser

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