Securely Save Confidential Information With Code Memo Android App

Saving confidential information’s like passwords, Credit Card number, PIN and other memos on mobile phone can be dangerous. Mobile phones can be easily theft and the thieve can easily access all your confidential passwords and PIN. Sony Ericsson phones had a strong and unique application named as Code Memo, which can store passwords theft proof. But what about Android smartphone?

Code Memo application for Android phones is similar to the same name application for the Sony Ericsson mobile phones and allow user to save confidential information (passwords, PINs, memos) in a safe form. Actually application always shows store passwords after entering main app password. But correct password match can only be accessible using right password. So evil minds get confused by passwords as every time they got different password.

Code memo Features:

  • AES data encryption with a 256-bits key.
  • Support of groups to store code under categories.
  • Automatic and manual modes of sorting of groups.
  • Export and import your data to a text file on an SD-card.
  • Supports all Android versions.
  • Supports Android devices with high screen resolution.

Code Memo App Deep Details:

User Base: 50 K+ users worldwide
File Size: 42 KB for Android
Prices: Free & Pro ($1.99)
User Ratings: 4.1 + average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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