Zlango Messaging Brings Icon & Visual Texting on Android

Zlango Messaging is an Android application aimed squarely at teenagers, as it adds a plethora of custom icons to help make text messages visual. With Zlango users can send messages with huge variety of Zlango icons, skinz and visual impact. Zlango’s ZlangOut feature lets you compose Zlango-styled messages and share them via Android’s built-in sharing functionality.

Zlango uses regular text messages and positions itself as a replacement for the stock Android Messaging app. The app comes with 12 themes (or “Skinz”) that you can swap out at will. When you text a contact who does not use Zlango, common emoticons (such as the smiley face) appear as emoticons, while more-elaborate symbols (like those for “restaurant” or “give”) show up as plain text with a link to download the Zlango app.

Zlango Messaging Features:

  • Zlango Messaging works just like texting, but with funny, wacky, cheeky, smart & cute visual icons within text messages
  • A growing library of 1000+ original personality – packed icons.
  • Three distinctive icon themes, skinZ and live wallpaper makes your messaging experience much more fun.
  • ZlangOut – Compose Zlango icon messages to be shared online via Facebook, Twitter, email and more.
  • Auto Suggestion – Easily replace words with suggested icons, or auto-write in icons.
  • Click-Switch – Change between “Urban”, “Gorgeous,” and “Classic” icon themes before, during, or after any message creation.
  • Zlango On/Off – Enable or disable Zlango icons to enjoy the rich Zlango texting experience with or without icons in messages.
  • Transform old and new SMS to Zlango (ZMS) – Convert previously received messages into Zlango icons.
  • Pop-Up Reply – Instantly read and reply to Zlango and plain text messages without opening Zlango or your default messaging application. Respond in plain text or Zlango icon messaging.

Zlango icons are rich, detailed icons that infuse your text messages with color, attitude and all the message meaning you intended. Just start writing your text message, and icons will pop up. Select those you like, or keep typing in plain text. You can easily change themes by clicking on the ‘themes’ icon to see which one rocks your world. Zlango spices up any text message with images that get your message across with conviction. You can also use Zlango to send plain messages – whatever suits your mood, your message and your recipient’s personality.

Zlango Messaging App Deep Details:

User Base: 1 million+ users worldwide
File Size: 6.6 MB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.4+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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