Wikinvest Portfolio App to Track All Investment Accounts

While about half of the brokerages Wikinvest suports have iPhone apps, only about 20 percent have Android or Blackberry apps. There are so many mobile app platforms that it is difficult for the brokerages to support them all. Wikinvest hopes to fill that gap with these apps. Wikinvest Portfolio for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry is the first portfolio that tracks all of your investment accounts, all in one place. You can set up your investment and finance accounts on, or add them directly from the application so you can follow all of your investments wherever you go.

Wikinvest’s secure connection automatically imports your brokerage holdings into one view so you never have to enter your trades or holdings in a portfolio management tool again. You can currently import holdings from 60+ brokerages, including:
* Ameriprise Financial
* Edward jones
* Etrade
* Fidelity
* Franklin Templeton
* Hewitt
* Janus
* Merrill Lynch
* Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
* OptionsXpress
* Prudential
* Salomon Smith Barney
* Scottrade
* Sharebuilder
* Schwab
* TD Ameritrade
* Thinkorswim
* T. Rowe Price
* Vanguard
* Wachovia
* Zecco
* and many more

One limitation of the apps is that they are view-only apps. You can track your portfolios across multiple brokerage accounts, but can’t trade from the app. Still, for most people, they just want that little ego boost (or crush, depending on teh direction of the market) every day.

Don’t see your brokerage in the list? Let us know, and they’ll be sure to add it as soon as possible. Also, you can still use the Wikinvest Portfolio Manager even if your brokerages aren’t supported by setting up your portfolios and watchlists manually on

Rotate to compare your performance to major indices with performance and account value charts. Stay up-to-date with the markets each day with real-time quotes and news for your entire portfolio along with top news and quotes from the general markets. Then, research your next investment with company charts, news, community analysis and fundamentals data.

Wikinvest Portfolio App Deep Details:

User Base: 300K+ users worldwide
File Size: 386 KB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 3.8+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android | iOS | BlackBerry

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