Tiny Flashlight + LED: Useful Flashlight Android App

There are some great features are available in your smartphone. One is that you can use your phone as a light source. Tiny Flashlight is one of the few applications on the market, which is free and has different widgets to choose from when the device has an option for a led light. Add a widget by tapping and holding on your main screen. This is incredibly simple, yet very useful flashlight application and will use your device’s camera LED as a torch.

Tiny Flashlight Features:

– It supports the widest range of devices with camera led (flash)
– It’s also the brightest flashlight / torch on the market, because the camera led emits very intense light in the dark.
– Has different widgets to choose from
– Has great and diverse screen lights
– Includes a color light
– Has the best support

CAUTION: Strobe lighting can trigger seizures in photosensitive epilepsy.

Light sources in your Phone:

  • Camera LED light – Uses your phone’s camera led (flash) to emit bright light. Note that some devices don’t have a camera flash. In this case the led flashlight option will be disabled, but you can still use one of the screen lights.
  • Screen Light – This is the basic white screen light, which is bright enough for daily use. You can use it as your primary option in case your device doesn’t have a camera led or you want to save the battery.
  • Warning Lights, Police Lights, Color Light, Strobe Light – Different light sources, which may be useful in many situations. You can change the brightness and the colors.

Tiny Flashlight App Permissions:

Why Tiny Flashlight needs so many permissions and how are they used:

    – In order to start the camera led (flash) on some devices, Tiny Flashlight has to use a small part of the camera hardware and it needs this permission.
  • Internet Access: Used to load ad info from their servers. Nothing more.
  • MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE: Temporary caches some ads on your SD Card. This method is used to save bandwidth.
  • READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: Some Motorola devices have factory bugs. These devices don’t have unique IDs and this became a problem for ad networks, because they can’t function without it. There is a workaround for this problem by using the PHONE IDENTITY permission. This permission is used only for getting a unique id.

Tiny Flashlight + LED App Deep Details:

User Base: 30 million+ users worldwide
File Size: 1.6 MB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.6+ average user rating
Download Links: Android

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