Test Your Hearings on Android Phone

If you have some hearing problems or just want to check your ears capabilities, then there is an Android app to test that. Unfortunately, your Android phone can’t fix your ears (yet), but it can help you figure out if there’s a problem. Test Your Hearing for Android by EpsilonZero is a free app that will play 25 different tones to check if you can still hear the range of sound they are playing. When you are finished, the app gives you a Hearing Range, Hearing Age, and rates your low and high frequency range hearing, then offers result and test details buttons which bring up more info on your test. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete one cycle and if you are so inclined, you can use the share results button to post your results via installed social apps or send them in an e-mail.

Test Your Hearing App Features:

  • Test different aspects of your hearing with this application. Two easy and precise tests are presented to test frequency range and frequency differentiation.
  • A frequency range test presents 25 tones, and asks whether you can hear them. From this, it tells you your highest and lowest audible frequencies, your “hearing age”, and a fun animal that represents your hearing abilities.
  • A frequency differentiation test presents 25 tone pairs, and asks if you can hear a difference. The results tell you what frequencies you can differentiate over the hearing spectrum and suggests an instrument based on your answers.

Test Your Hearings App Deep Details:

User Base: 200K+ users worldwide
File Size: 982KB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.5 average user rating
Download Links:for Android

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