Make Fake Text SMS & Call on Android Phone

Stuck in a conversation with person you are not interested, and want to end it. Then a scheduled fake text SMS or call may help you. Here is a free app named, ‘Fake Text SMS & Call’ that can create fake text message with both fake content and sender. So easily get out of awkward situation by giving yourself a fake-call. Within app you can create call log, specify caller, occur time, type, duration of call, etc.

Fake Text SMS 7 Call App Features:

1. Make Fake Text Message (SMS):

With this program, you can use it to get out from the meeting, or pranks, jokes or any awkward situation. You can pretend that something happened and you have to go home in a hurry, excused to get out. Or pretend to be a in a good mood, while receiving a lot of love text messages. Or pretend to receive the discount stores newsletter, then show those to your friends as a joke. Not only receiving fake SMSs you can display fake sent SMSs. Pretend to have a sent a text message saying “sorry can’t not make to the party! “, then blame the carrier for failing to deliver.

2. Flexible use of this program to meet personal needs:

This app does NOT send text messages. You only can create fake messages both Received and Sent. Recipients can be typed in directly or selected from contacts book, group contacts or recent contacts. Multiple recipients can be chosen. You can also control setting notification ringtone and vibration. Created messages are added to the proper conversation threads. (support multiple recipients thread). So that those SMS can be showed as a sent messages. App only lacks in not supporting MMS messages. Can’t support timer to define when it happen. Also app don’t show faked status bar notification.

3. Make Fake Call:

Fake Call Me rescues you from awkward situation like boring meeting, conversation, dates. End call from back button to improve call originality. Other features are listed as
– Spoof, prank, get an excuse to get out of any situation.
– Fake incoming call, outgoing call, missed call.
– Specify caller name & number.
– Customize incoming fake calls’s ringtone & vibration setting.
– Schedule a fake call at a specific time.
– Use this app as an alarm as you can use fake-call yourself with your desired ringtone at the desired time.
– shortcut to trigger a fake call(via guesture on home screen).
– choose a contact from phone’s contacts, so the contact’s photo and ringtone are used for the fake-call.
– Can’t play audio after a fake call is answered.
– add fake calls to phone’s call log (if you want).
– schedule multiple fake calls.
– Can’t support fake a call by turning the device screen on/off.
– Can’t support using Proximity Sensor (Fake Call Shaker).
– Can’t support shortcut to one-click fake.
– Very easy to pick a contact from contact book, group contacts or recent contacts.

4. Fake Call Log:

You can specify call log info like caller name, phone numbers, occur time, type(incoming, outgoing or missed), duration of call, etc, download to find more.

Fake Text SMS 7 Call App Deep Details:

User Base: 50K users worldwide
File Size: 374 KB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.5+ average user rating
Download Links: Android

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