Lyric Legend 2 Music Game for Learning Lyrics

Play to learn the lyrics to your favorite songs in the sequel to the hit music game, Lyric Legend! Earn FREE MUSIC through the virtual currency system to play along with your favorite artists. Try it out today with FREE SONGS and a music library featuring some of the world’s top artists. More new songs from top artists added every month in the app.

For anyone familiar with the way rhythm games typically work, you’ll recognize the format. Bubbles appear on screen while the song plays, and it’s up to you to tap the correct word as the singer enunciates it. It takes a combination of timing and awareness, since you need to not only find the right bubble in a split second, but also tap it right along with the rhythm of the singer.

Lyric Legend 2 Gameplay App Features:

* Choose a song, tap the lyrics in time with the song
* Earn FREE MUSIC from top artists with our virtual currency system
* Four levels of difficulty let you jump in at your own comfort level with enough room to grow as you master the lyrics. Start off in Easy mode to get the hang of things and then speed it up with more lyrics.
* In sections without lyrics, tap the falling beats to kick off a light show on the stage
* Customize your avatar and boost your score with new items
* Test your scores against the world or in your local hometown with GPS based scoring
* Use Legend Power to increase your score, and get a word streak to increase your multiplier
* New 3D graphics for big time stage performances!
* Customizable Avatars with score bonuses for special clothing items
* 5 game venues for bigger and better performances
* New easy mode where you don’t have to tap every lyric. Perfect for learning a new song
* Lyric Legend 1 players can get all their favourite music from LL1 by visiting the Library Management section through the Options button.

The music library has more than 100 songs from the world’s most popular artists including:
* Lady Gaga
* Rihanna
* Nicki Minaj
* Fergie
* Nelly
* Fall Out Boy
* Owl City
* Miley Cyrus
* Coldplay
* Jackson 5
* Keith Urban
* Kanye West
* Taio Cruz
* No Doubt
* Maroon 5
* The White Stripes
* And more…

App Deep Details:

User Base: 500K+ users worldwide
File Size: 20 MB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 3.9+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android | iOS

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