Initiate an App at Specific Time with AppAlarm

Want to initiate an Android app on specific time? Then a FREE and open source app AppAlarm may help you. With AppAlarm you can schedule any app with alarm, means you have to set an alarm for a time with your desired app and the app with initiate at that time.

You just woke up and want to read RSS feeds or news, you have to set an app alarm before sleep. When the alarm ring to wake you up, at the same time your news reader app will also be started to deliver you the latest news. Use this app as you want it to be.

AppAlarm App Features:

-Multiple alarms
-Pick any app
-Create shortcuts or pick them from the home screen
-Launch custom “AnyCut” style intents
-Play backup alarm while launching app
-Choose a specific Pandora Station
-Experimental support for Google Listen
-Force close the app when the alarm is done
-Backup and Restore your alarm settings to you SD card
-Everything in the LITE version
-Repeating alarms
-Launch even if on call
-Network test and option to play backup if the test fails
-Turn wi-fi on/off
-Wifi timeout options
-Custom timeouts
-Set media volume

AppAlarm App Deep Details:

User Base: 80K+ users worldwide
File Size: 124KB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 3.7+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

Warning: As of Android 2.2, AppAlarm no longer has the ability to kill other apps. A workaround (to make sure the music starts when AppAlarm does) is to always quit Pandora or Slacker (or whichever music app you launch with AppAlarm) when you’re finished with it. AppAlarm still should work normally on Android 2.1 and below.

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