Endomondo Sports Tracker: Best Fitness App

Use your mobile as a free personal trainer and fitness partner. Using the built-in GPS, Endomondo Sports Tracker tracks your fitness – running, cycling, walking, badminton, baseball, yoga, kayakingand and any other distance based sport. If there’s something that gets your heart rate going, Endomondo probably tracks it. You can get audio feedback on your performance during your workout and your friends can follow you live and send you peptalks in real-time. Endomondo Sports Tracker (Pro) is full featured and best exercise tracker in the market.

Endomondo also supports full GPS tracking while you exercise, so if you are doing something mobile and outside, Endomondo can tell you your average mile pace, total distance covered, Bluetooth heart rate monitor and time spent working out. It can also give you an estimate of calories burned, based off of your weight and pace. The app also keeps a saved history of all your workouts, so you can compare times against older workouts to see if you’re improving. You can upload all of your workouts to your workout portal on Endomondo’s website, but syncing from website to phone isn’t possible, yet.

Endomondo makes your exercise social, you can friend other people using the app and see when they start working out as well as checking out their results when they’re done. There is an option to automatically share your results with Facebook or Twitter, or you can manually share from the website.


Endomondo App Features:

• Real time GPS tracking of time, distance, speed & calories
• Audio feedback for every mile or km
• Real time peptalks from friends following you live
• Workout route on a map
• History with lap times & music playlist
• Sharing of workouts on Facebook
• Beat a friend: Go against a friend’s personal best
• Compete on a route: Download a route and beat the Champion
• News feed with your friend’s latest activities (NEW)
• Social widget showing the friends recently active (NEW)
• Summary page for each workout (NEW)
• Heart rate support: Polar Wearlink + transmitter with Bluetooth® and Zephyr heart rate monitor
• Support for ANT+ Bike Speed & Cadence and heart rate monitor sensors
• Headset control: Use the headset media button to get audio feedback and pause/resume a workout
• Manual entry of workouts
• Auto pause
• Customizable workout screen (long press to change)

Endomondo Sports Tracker App Deep Details:

User Base: 6 million+ users worldwide
File Size: Varies with Android phone & 4.7 MB for iOS
Prices: Free & Premium (~$3.99)
User Ratings: 4.6+ average user rating
Download Links: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Nokia Ovi | BlackBerry

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