Calculator++ : Advanced Scientific Calculator for Android

The main goal behind smartphone manufacturing is to provide both telephony and computing needs in a single device. For making Android more computable there are many scientific calculator apps out there, Calculator++ is among them. Calculator++ is an advanced, modern and easy to use scientific calculator. Calculator++ is all you need – it helps you to do basic and advanced calculations on your mobile device. Calculator++ is the modern calculator for everyone: scientists, accountants, students.

Calculator++ app Features:

1. easy to use and no need to press equals button anymore – result is calculated on fly
2. smart cursor positioning
3. Several kinds of brackets to solve complicated calculations in an easy way.
4. copy/paste results and parameters in one button
5. Two orientations – landscape and portrait orientations
6. Drag buttons up or down to use special functions, operators etc.
7. Modern interface with possibility to choose themes (currently 3 themes available)
8. Expression highlighting.
9. History with all previous calculations and undo/redo buttons.
10. Variables, constants and Complex number support (build-in and user defined)
11. Support for lots of functions: sin, sinh, asin, asinh, ln, sqrt etc.
12. Expression simplification: use ‘identical to’ sign (≡) to simplify current expression (2/3+5/9≡11/9, √(8)≡2√(2))

Application usages Hints:
1. You can omit unnecessary multiplication signs (instead of 3*t or t*sin(π*t) just type 3t or tsin(πt))
2. Use ≡ (in the top right corner of = button) to simplify expression
3. Just click on the result to copy it to the clipboard
4. Use = button seldom – result is calculating on the fly
4. Add constants for often used values (you can even save expressions)

Toubleshooting and FAQs:

Q. How can I use functions written in the top right and bottom right corners of the button?
A. Push the button and slide lightly up or down. Depending on value showed on the button action will occur.

Q. How can I toggle between radians and degrees?
A. To toggle between different angle units you can either change appropriate option in application settings or use the toggle switch located on the 6 button (current value is lighted with yellow color).
Also you can use deg() and rad() functions and ° operator to convert degrees to radians and vice versa.

Calculator++ App Deep Details:

User Base: 40K+ users worldwide
File Size: 993KB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.9+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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