Add Emotions to Your Text Messages with Emoji

Emoji insert dozens of emoticon images into text messages, notes or emails to give an emotional touch. So, why type boring messages when you can give picture representation for your words. Let me explain, if you want to get food and drinks? simply insert emoticons for food and drinks in your text. This way you can impress your friends, make them smile and convince them to accept your proposal.

This is the best and emoticon app for iOS devices, all the other even paid apps can’t defeat this app. The reason is, all Emoji apps have the same icons, because the icons are already present on your device. The app simply enables the emoji keyboard that’s normally hidden from you.

You can use Emoji in text messages, emails, notes, web sites, or almost anywhere you can type text. There is only a single drawback for this app that ONLY Apple devices can display the icons. To everyone else the icons show up as jibberish. This is a limitation of the Emoji character set, and all Emoji apps behave this way.

Emojis respond to:
▪ Touches/drags across the screen
▪ Double tapping
▪ Gravity and movement of your device

Emoji iOS App Deep Details:

User Base: 5 million+ users worldwide
File Size: 7.2 MB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4+ average user rating
Download Links: for iOS

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