Track Wi-Fi Hotspots Near You Using Wifi Tracker App

Ever wanted to sniff out and plot those elusive open Wi-Fi access points? Wifi Tracker is a Wi-Fi scanner that can help you see the state of wireless networks in your area with great Google Maps integration. This Wi-fi scanner uses your GPS and Wi-Fi in combination to scan for Wi-Fi hotspots, then saves their location to a file which you can then export a KML file to Google Earth , export to Kismet, or use real-time web uploads to scan and upload in real-time. Excellent for wardriving in your car, to scan lots of hotspots.  it can handle logging the position of thousands of access points without duplicate or crashing the system.

wi-fi tracker

Quite useful for site surveys (scanning for unsecured Wi Fi access points), or surveying large areas as part of a larger security audit. Has slow down options for scanning whilst walking as well, so you can go for a stroll or a run around a site and the scanner will still work without consuming lots of battery power.

It can also be used if you just have a passing interest in seeing what is out there – for example you could take a drive around your city center and see the state of access points (open, secured, insecure etc.).

The hotspots will be colored coated and marked on the map in your surrounding area. From the Menu tab you can access the Settings by pressing the more button. There are many settings to choose from to enhance the app’s abilities as needed. The CSV export lets you export the data for manipulation in your favorite spreadsheet editor (Excel, OpenOffice / LibreOffice), or visualize access points using the KML export.

More interesting things about this app:

User base: 10K+ monthly users.
File Size: Very Light weight, only 44k in size
Prices: $1.56 or Rs. 79.42 only
Rating: 4.1 average ratings but low maturity

This app is really worth a try, So don’t hesitate to buy and install on your favorite device.

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