View All TED Talks on Smartphones using TED Air App

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. The TED Conference has been held annually since 1984 with the motto, “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Enjoy 18 minutes of magic with each TED talk from inspirational speakers such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jamie Oliver and Brian Cox. This app has a powerful search engine to search thousands of TED talks. You can view subtitles in over 80 languages for these talks. This is the “MUST-HAVE” app for the enlightened public like you, enjoy TED speeches with “TED Air” and share it with friends.

TED Air App Features:

1. Fast search functionality for finding TED talks.
2. Find talks by theme, tag, or category through a search box on the upper-right hand corner.
3. Subtitles in over 80 languages with auto-translation, or shown in English by default.
4. Can also be used to study a foreign language through accurate subtitle synchronization.
5. If you find a particular idea worth spreading, you can easily share it with friends by clicking on a name.
6. Save on data fees by downloading the videos straight to your device, or simply bookmark them in TED Air.
7. One TED a Day: View each day a recommend and must-see TED video. Don’t miss the ideas that are changing the world.
8. Share your comments on each TED talk with people around the world.
9. This app provides all of great speeches and lectures by TEDx, Open Courseware and Youtube. TED Air would be the only mobile application you can search them at one time.

TED Air App Deep Details:

User Base: 0.5 million+ users worldwide
File Size: 300KB for Android & iPhone
Prices: Free
User Ratings: average user rating
Download Links: Android | iOS

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