Manage You Money on the go with App is a free online personal finance budgeting application to track, budget and manage your money. To deliver best financial management app on the go, released an android and iOS app. You have to just sign up for a account, add your online banking accounts and then access, manage your personal finances. Android/iOS App Features:

1. Easy money Management:
Manage your finances on-the-go and see all your accounts in one place — safely and securely. Set up a budget, do more with your money and take charge of your financial life.

2. Manage accounts anywhere:
You can see all your accounts together and do stuffs like checking and savings to credit cards, retirement and more. Mint automatically pulls in and categorizes your transactions daily.

3. Create manual transactions:
Easy transaction of money. Mint can create a budget based on your actual spending, or you can create your own. Know how much you can spend while you’re out.

4. Avoid late fees and monitor cash flow:
Stay up-to-date with email or text alerts for budgets, fees, due dates, low balances, unusual activity and more.

5. Safe and Secure:
Both android and iOS app are passcode protected with a unique 4-digit PIN. If you lose your phone, or even temporarily misplace it, simply deactivate Android smartphone access from Mint’s profile page. Also you’ll prevent unauthorized access to Mint on your Android smartphone. App deep Details:

User Base: 2 million+ users worldwide
File Size: 1.8 MB for Android and 10.5 MB for iOS
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.2+ average user rating
Download Links: Android | iOS

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