Manage Apps and Kill Tasks on Android Phone using Appkik

Appkik is probably the best App manager and Task killer out there. If you are an Android power user, it is likely that you already have a large number of apps on your phone. To manage large number of apps on Android phone is hectic process. Some times your phone get overloaded with apps and unable to process apps, even you become unable to kill a process. Appkik is designed to resolve these problems . Appkik can serve all your apps needs: application management, browsing, searching, quick access to the new apps and the most used apps, backup and restore and kill background tasks.

Appkik helps you find the apps that you have just downloaded, shows you the apps you used the most. You can also mark the ones you prefer as favorite and share them.

Appkill’s Great Features:

This app helps you to kill the tasks which are taking too much resources. App allows to kill individual task or a selection of them. By default, the background process are pre-selected. App also provide a quick access to foreground process to stop them if you feel the need. You can define your “Ignore list”, a list of apps which will not be pre-selected by default. We also provide some help to explain what killing apps is all about and its relation with performance and battery life.


  • Find your latest downloaded apps
  • Back-up and restore your apps
  • Move apps to SD
  • Favorites the apps your like
  • Find easily the apps you deleted
  • Uninstall multiple apps in one go


  • Share a list of best apps in one click
  • Tweet about the app you download and like

Appkik Application Deep Details:

User Base: Few users b’coz of new app
File Size: 1.8 MB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.9+ average user rating
Download Links: for Android

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