Listen over 100 Radio Stations on Slacker Radio App

Slacker Radio is free, totally customizable radio with over 100 genre stations. You can listen to free personalized radio, over 100 expert-programmed radio stations and create your own custom stations from millions of songs on your Android and iOS device. With a Slacker Radio Plus or Slacker Premium Radio subscription, you can store your favorite Slacker stations on your Android smartphone and listen even when you don’t have a wireless or Wi-Fi connection.

You can browse the songs and artists on Slacker stations and make your own custom stations within the application. Check out all new Station and Artist pages by searching or simply by browsing radio stations for new music! With a Slacker Premium Radio subscription, you can create playlists as well as play songs, albums and artists on demand. You can cache stations, playlists and albums to their device to listen without a network connection.

Slacker Radio application features:

• Download and listen for free today, with no monthly listening limits
• Nearly 10 times the music of the nearest radio competitor!
• Listen to over 100 expert-programmed genre stations
• Create custom stations with your favorite artists and songs
• Play songs, albums and artists on demand and create custom playlists
• Store your favorite stations on your Android device
• Fine tune any station for the ultimate in personalization
• Get new music personally selected just for you
• Enhanced music discovery featuring artist bios, album reviews & lyric

Slacker Radio App Deep Details:

User Base: 7 million+ satisfied users
File Size: 14.7 MB for iOS devices and variable size for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.4+ average ratings
Download Links: Android | iOS

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