K9 Mail: Best email Client for Android

There are many email clients available for Android phones. K9 is among best mail clients available till date. K-9 Mail Android App is an open source email client for Android with multi-folder sync, email signatures, Bcc-to-self, return-address configuration, keyboard shortcuts, Exchange Support, message flagging, IMAP deletes, saving attachments, configurable notifications and more.

K9 Mail Android App is one of the best email clients for Android. It’s loaded with every email feature you could think of except ActiveSync (Push email, however IMAP integration syncs almost as fast as ActiveSync). By far a better replacement over the default email client created by Google (if you’ve read my gripe about the default email client deleting my inboxes article, you’ll know why). I personally like the iMAP folder synchronization, signatures and the ability to multi-manage several emails inboxes from a mobile device.K-9 is the best email client for Android. It’s incredibly powerful and 100% free.

K-9 Mail App Features:

  • Send and Receive
  • Configure to IMAP, POP3, and WebDAV (Exchange) email protocols
  • Search Multiple inboxes
  • Swipe for Previous/Next emails
  • Set Android Notifications, sounds and vibrate alerts
  • Delete email on the server works (A huge gripe with users of the default email client, when you specify to delete on the server… it doen’t, meaning double work when you do get back to desktop)
  • Signatures
  • Multi-folder Synchronization
  • Opening and Saving attachments
  • Email Sorting
  • Copy email text by Forwarding message
  • Frequency check settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts

K9 Mail Client App Deep Details:

User Base: 3 million+ users worldwide
File Size: 2.2 MB for Android
Prices: Free
User Ratings: 4.3+ average user rating
Download Links: Android

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